What VAER stands for

What VAER stands for

At VAER we champion waste-free fashion! By taking unwanted textiles and upcycling them into high-value sneakers, we offer a low waste option that reduces the number of textiles sent to landfills.


We take sustainability one step at a time

Sustainable steps

V - by using discarded textiles, we see value in the unwanted and turn them into valuable items. As the saying goes - what is one person's trash is another person's treasure.

A - our artful design process transforms these fabrics into contemporary stylish sneakers. Check out this video of our production process Facts — VÆR sneakers (vaerupcycled.com)

E - a key part of our sustainable mission is to empower our customers to tread their own sustainable path and become slow fashion champions! Our high-quality design process combined with our ethical supply chain offers customers a better alternative to throw-away fashion. We also started Re:Wair (a non-profit organisation) that for example provides upcycling workshops to inspire and skill people in upcycling and repairing items that need some TLC. https://www.rewair.org/workshops

R- we advocate for the 3 Rs: reduce/reuse/recycle. By reusing textiles to make our sneakers, we reduce our environmental footprint and that of our customers. We encourage our customers to take care of their sneakers - and when they after a long and happy life can’t be used anymore, we offer a take-back programme, where we recycle the sneakers into new soles.

Why do we do this? Ultimately, we want to help repair the planet by reforming the linear model (aka the take, make + dispose model) of production and consumption. We aspire to be circular; by taking what is being wasted to create unique sneakers that are designed to have a long life and create minimal waste. Our ultimate goal is to reform the current disposable system by adopting a circular business model that creates less (and ultimately zero) waste. By reusing, repurposing and repairing what we already have.


What vær and værdi means to us

Direct translation:

Vær: be

Værdi: value


Lili: When I think of VAER, I think of Værdi (Value) - which I think perfectly captures our mission. We are seeing the value in the otherwise unwanted - and we maintain the value through upcycling.

Emma: The name VAER just makes perfect sense in my eyes - we give new value to old textiles, but we also want to contribute to a more responsible industry that creates more valuable products for our customers.

Linda: The meaning of VAER that resonates strongest with me, is the direct translation of the danish word VÆR meaning BE. At VAER we want to let the waste materials we receive BE their original selves - No need for complete transformation. We do this through upcycling. BE yourself can both be addressed to people - but also to textiles - warts ‘n’ all. You are valuable just as you are.

Our sneakers can be saved

Here at VAER, we are making strides in our waste reduction mission, but sustainability is a two-way street. We encourage our compassionate customers to take extra special care of their sneakers and should they need some repair, we can help!

While we design our sneakers to withstand the daily wear and tear, life happens and things get damaged. No need to despair, however, as part of our circular production system we offer a take-back system and give you a discount to buy another pair of VAER sneakers.

And don’t worry about your old sneakers, once you return them we send them back to our factory where they are shredded and made into new soles.

Join VAER on the upcycling journey! Our mission is to reduce waste in the fashion industry and (re)use it to create functional and beautiful shoes. By taking something that is doing harm to the planet and turning it into something useful, we are doing our bit to reduce the carbon emissions associated with textile production. By creating sneakers with a conscience, our footprints are lighter on the environment.

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